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at the texas store about the company's breastfeeding policy. >>> more to get to for you tonight. a massive funeral for the north korean leader, kim jong-il. thousands crowded to the capital and hear the words they have been waiting to hear. also, how a five-year-old rang up a $500 bill on his mom's iphone without even knowing her password. and a major solar storm is set to hit within days. all that is coming up, and then on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. up next, viral internet videos , from david at the dentist to charlie bit my finger. are parents going too far? and we go to a remote nature preserve, and an attempt to [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? declared -- kim gung u.n. w
the football, then tonight's holiday ball was not for you. both cal and texas struggled in all three of the categories. both teams 7-5 and both finished under 500 in the conferences. zac maynard had issues. turned it over twice in the first half. second quarter, texas the reverse. shipley back to david ash. touchdown. 7-3 horns at the half. a real barnburner. bears with a 10-7 lead. texas a quick response. less than two minutes later, wide open, 47-yards. 14-10, texas. more maynard misery. sacked and stripped. texas recovers. cal turned it over five times tonight. i'm no genius but i know that is not good. horns capitalized. johnson, four yards up the middle. no sugar coating this game. it was not pretty. 21-10 the final. cal killed themselves all night. >> you can't go into a football game like that and expect to turn the football over and win a football game. we had our chances. comes down to what wins and loses football games and turnovers are a big key that that and we were on the wrong end of that today with five them. >> an understatement. simple formula for the raiders on sund
be taken that custody. clark has been convicted of rape in texas and is considered armed and dangerous. >> another court battle is coming over california's new lethal injection protocol. marin county superior court judge is challenging the procedure. she says prison officials failed to properly consider alternative to the 3 drug leatheral injection cocktail use to execute inmate inmates. she also says the state correction department has not revealed the total cost of an execution. state attorney will get a chance to change the judge mind at hearing tomorrow. california executions are already on hold while federal judge considers a separate legal challenge. >>> just 20 days before the first contest and the 2012 presidential campaign. republican contenders took part in the has debate before the january 3rd caucus. if you thought football had nothing to do with the presidential race, well l this is what rick perry had to say. we have the details. >>reporter: tonight the republican contenders kicked off their closing arguments. >> pretty conservative. >> i know what it takes to get t
mothers right now are holding nurse-ins at target stores across the nation to protest after a texas mom claims she was harassed at the for for nursing her baby. in nurse-in, in emeryville is one of 100 scheduled. they organized after a claim of harassment from the mom who says she was at the woman's department nursing her baby covered by a blanket when target workers began giving her a hard time. >> they all came and started walking by and shaking their head like you kow, rolling their eyes and shaking their head no, no like i'm doing something so horrible. i'm feeding my baby. >> target released a statement, guests who choose to breast-feed in public areas of the store are welcome to do south without being made to feel uncomfortable. target says it will inform the employees about the breast-feeding policy. >>> frances dinglasan in for mike nicco today. >> there's still a chance of rain heading our way. even though we've got this beautiful live shot of blue skies some clouds are moving in. i'll tell you about the chances of rain and i'll have your seven day forecast, coming up. >>> also
. >> reporter: outside phoenix mountains are dusted with snow in texas, cities are covered in white. >> i had to go for a walk it is so beautiful out here. >> reporter: it may be beautiful, but the weather is causing problems. icy roads continue to wreak havoc. in el paso, drivers dodged black ice in springfield, missouri, emergency workers respond today to a half dozen crashes. in washington state, a group of four wheel drive jeep owners rescue drivers. >> these guys came up with the jeeps which was a blessing. >> reporter: winter storm watches are in place up and down the east coast with rain or rain/snow mix expected. tahman bradley, abc news. >>> we are complaining about cold here. >> still warms up nicely in the afternoon here even if we have frost during the morning. picture from dublin this morning thanks to stephen we appreciate him sending in this beautiful picture of some of the frost that followed. amy hollyfield's photo journalist that's a car with thicker frost this morning one of the reasons why temperatures weren't as cool more moisture in the air lead to thicker frost than yes
't thing ron paul represents main mainstream republicans and is not electable. paul headed home to texas and romney is campaigning in new hampshire. >>> faced with customer outrage verizon abandoned the plan to charge a $2 fee for a payment on january 15th. it will not apply if they pay on-line or over the phone with a credit or debit card. it wanted to get people to sign up for the automatic billing system. verizon customers flooded twitter setting up on-line petitions and vowing to use paper to protest the new fee. so verizon reversed course. >>> for the u.s. stock market, 2011 was a long, wild ride to nowhere. the dow jones industrial average gyrated up and down throughout the year and finally ending up 5.5%. the s&p 500 almost exactly where it started the year down a near .003 of a point. that's the closest to being unchanged since 1947. the nasdaq composite was down 1.8% for 2011. >>> apple's design chief, jonathon ive, has been knighted to design an ept prize. he can be entitled to be called sir jonathon. steve jobs described him as a spiritual partner in a recent biography. he is
mike leach as their new head coach. he turned texas tech a power house with the spread passing attack. he was fired over a dispute over a discipline of a player. he is back and back in the pack 12. kevin durant plaids a flag football game at oklahoma state and challenged lebron. that game was today in
by their grandmother. mom was hauled off to jail. in austin, texas there was nearly a riot. security at this mall called for back up when the crowd swelled to more than a thousand people. armed with pepper spray and with a hoper overhead, police -- helicopter overhead, police tried to keep control, but in the end an officer was trampled as he tried to get his way into foot lawker. -- foot looker. my -- nike made a statement and is concerned about the crowd. they suggest anyone who wants to purchase their product do so in a safe manor. a lot of people aren't even keeping the shoes. they are turn around and selling them for much more than they paid. >> i saw them on e ba for $510. >>> a fire badly damaged three apartment buildings started at the bottom of a trash chute. how it started is under investigation. the fast-moving wind-driven fire was the first five alarm blaze in six years. construction workers called in the first report just before noon, and they probably saved at least one life. >> you know, we heard people that were still inside. fortunately we did get in the room. a guy working night
out of control. look at this. run away golf cart finally stopped at cowboy stadium in texas. stay with us. another half hour of news >> good evening again. after a lengthy closed door meeting of the house g.o.p. rank and file, tonight republican leaders have decided to wait until tomorrow to vote on an extension of the payroll tax cut. compromise was forged over the weekend and now house speaker boehner wants to change that. house minority leader pelosi says republicans are playing politics. >> what we see now is stalling action on the part of those who never really were for a payroll tax cut in the first place. >>reporter: here's how the tax cut breaks down. if you make 35,000 dollars a year it means an extra 700 dollars a year to you. 50,000 an extra grachbilityd anyone making more than 110,000 gets 2300 dollars back. if mark matthews looks at why house republicans are revving to go along with this senate row compromise. >> it looked like the senate was leading the way to bipartisan xro miss to extend the payroll tax cuts that is until the speaker of the house refused t
currently plays for the texas rangers. >> currently plays. >> 66 games? >> raiders going to beat the chargers? >> i think they will. chargers are out of playoffs. she so don't much. >> dan: that is this edition of abc news for lisa argen, rick kwan and spencer christian and all of us here. thanks for watching. see you in one
. >>reporter: thursday night football. colts hosting texa texans. manning can watch. indy down 16-12. seconds left. to wayne on the fade. colts win the second of the year. 1 19-16 but do you really want to do that. jeopardizing front runner stat news the luck sweeps stakes. college football. in vegas. erickson in the mosh pit. for his finale at arizona state. about party on dennis. awe the energy and emotion lasted until the opening kick off. boise state martin goes to the house. 100 yards. boise state wins big 56-24. that is the toyota sports report. >> fv thanks larry.
to the al rival. won 16 games for texas this past season. you look at this if you are an a fan you get nothing and like it. that's what commissioner stern is telling the lakers who thought they had acquired chris paul today until the commissioner said no. paul is one of the best guards in the nba. going to be a free agent. has no intention of resigning with the new orleans hornet. 16 point. he and kobe would be spectacular together. lakers give up paul and la mar. rocket part of this in a 3 way deal. stern blocked it for now with small market owner complaining about big market poaching. fran chase currently owned by the league and deal on hold for now. heismann trophy handed out saturday and luck will be there. he picked up other hardware winning the camp award and college football player of the year. luck threw for 35 touch downs. cardinal face oklahoma state in the fiesta bowl. how tough is he. ryan clark yanks his arm to pop the shoulder into place. yike yikes. ben gets it even worse. left ankle bending in a way it's not supposed to. big ben so tough. left then came b
worth more than 77 million to jump ship in the al west. wilson 16 and 7 with tw two.94 era in texas last season. a's wonder when is it our turn to have cash. lock out lakers made a deal total get chris paul only to have the league step in and veto the trade. man known as c p 3 l free agent after the season. he won't stay in new orleans. would love to line upal side kobe bryant. lake worse give up a kim and rocket part of this 3 way trade by stern blocked the deal. small market owners complained about big market poaching and hornet franchise is currently owned by the league. previous owner bankrupt so the nba in charge and they are saying chris paul hang on your not going anywher anywhere. warriors busy burning up the phone. they have come up empty so far. they offered chandler 4 years 15 million a season he wants to go to the 96. here's gm riley. >> it does change by the minute we have continued to work on it. we don't foe exactly what is going to happen just yet. good to the knicks. we understand the same rumors you do and everybody else. so the main thing is keep worki
to florida. >> i can't believe! >> and texas. this is a holiday season military families around the country will not forget. >> it is hard to describe that feeling of being reunited with your child after so long. >> the surprise home comings can begin to look very similar. >> oh, my god! >> each one has its own story and emotion. in reno, nevada, first grader cody was speechless as he watched his mom walk through his school's doors after being away for nearly a year. >> it is difficult to be separated from cody. but at the same time i have a lot of pride in what i do. >> daddy! >> in fairfield, california, staff sergeant brett randall is home on leave long enough to surprise his 4-year-old daughter at her dance recital. after his third tour in iraq, this home coming in pennsylvania was extra special thanks to the end of the war in iraq, army pilot chris sager had a second surprise for his family. >> are you staying? >> i'm done, honey. >> and in kentucky, there were no surprises. these families were expecting their loved ones but the thrill was still the same. >> come here! >> reporter: giv
. tomorrow night cal takes on 24 texas at the holiday bowl in san diego. bears come in on 3 point under dogth. both teams record of 7 and 5. and coach says the bears need a good showing from quarterback maynard and brother wide receiver allen. duo that kept improving as the season went on. >> grow old together. obviously. through the years they have a lot of this but they play different position and we have guy on either way and pretty special. comes up with it but i think zacks has really grown and developed over the year and get to go know our offense and things like that. hunger bowl saturday at at&t park feature illinois and ucla. today players and coaches met with the media. also on hand forty-niner great lot and rice. 2 hall of fameers were there to support the bowl goal of providing food for the hungry. >> this ace great community we have been able to play for. it's a great community that stands for things that are a little bit bigger than themselves. >> hunger is something that we have to deal with and it's part of it but i don't look at it as being well, you can look at it as b
texas. andrew luck stanford finished practice on the farm. fourth rank cardinal face no. 3 oklahoma state in the fiesta bowl. bcs game on january 2nd. cowboy have one of the most explosive offense in the country and best receive interthe nation. really justin an nfl player waiting to happen. it could be a shoot out. stanford come out slin slinging witness andrew luck and final college game or do they go to the traditional round pound running attack? >> top secret information i can't share that with you but no i'm just kidding. i think everybody understands our game plan is run the ball first. fast off that. that's what we have always done and i think that's what we are going to do. heavy weight fights. staples first couple rounds 2 fighters still feeling each other out. thing is oklahoma state doesn't do that. they come out swinging. they score a lot of points in the first quarter. we know we have to withstand a barrage from the beginning of the game. >>reporter: and doesn't get any better than christmas open the beach in hawaii. the nevada marching band took over waikiki
. cal no stranger playing at at&t. bea bears head south to san diego taking on texas in the holiday bowl. the coach says one of the challenge when off month between the last game and bowl game is try to keep everybody sharp. >> the game isn't for a long long time. so we are not, it's a really important we stay focused. when you have extra time things that you may not try to do because you don't have time during the season, if there were any wrinkle you have time to make sure you get them done. >> tebow mania reached another level. get ready for tea brew. not a new language. it's a denver brewery unleashing a new wine honoring the broncos quarterback tim tebow who doesn't drink alcohol but the bedroom is honoring him any way. 10% alcohol. bars advertisement acknowledge this saying it won't absolve you of any since it may cause to you commit many more. these not exactly the tim tebow message. that soup entered keeping with the way i understand it, yvrng that's. >> it's a wine. >> i believe it's a wine. >> or beer. >> i'm not quite sure. >> whole idea is cae. >> marketing. goo
confidence. even though the caucus there are on tuesda tuesday, the texas congressman plans to head home for the weekend. latest evidence of his unconventional approach to winning the g.o.p. nomination. for the other candidates no surprise. many of them are now taking pot shots at each other. karen has the details. >> it's a mad dash to the finish line. with just 4 days to go the iowa caucuses are still up for grabs. new nbc news merit poll shows romney and ron paul in a tight race for the top spot. but then it's a bare knuckle fight to win. candidate aim their attack at the one just ahead of them in the poll. rick perry hitting rick santorum. >> senator santorum he loaded up his bill with pennsylvania pork. >>reporter: santorum slamming paul. >> this is the dangerous thing that ron paul presents. >>reporter: and paul going after romney but for the last month everyone has attacked gingrich and it had a major effect. from first to fifth in just a few weeks. according to one analysis nearly half the ads that ran on iowa television this month focus on gingrich. vast majority wer
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